ST28: Shitnoise Bastards/Cum Sock, Split 7" square lathe SOLD OUT
ST27: Agathocles/Shitnoise Bastards, Split tape SOLD OUT
ST26: Crippled Fox/xSAXONx, Split tape SOLD OUT
ST25: Venus Libitina, The Hot  Pussy of the Siren floppy disk
ST24: Lich, Obsessed by the Grave demo tape SOLD OUT
ST23: Venus Libitina/Esso, The Noise of Copulation split tape SOLD OUT
ST22: Karimlan, Bangkaw tape SOLD OUT
ST21: Vomitor, Bleeding Newcastle tape SOLD OUT
ST20: Cum Sock/Corrupt Humanity, Split 7" square lathe SOLD OUT
ST19: Entrapment, Putrefying Stench of Death demo tape SOLD OUT
ST18: Baixo Cal√£o/Sram, Split 7"
ST17: Alma Negra, Demo tape SOLD OUT
ST16: Chochos y Moscas, Involution floppy disk SOLD OUT
ST15: IronLord, Four Wretched Years 2008-2012 Discography tape SOLD OUT
ST14: Deathwank/Pissdeads, Split 7"
ST13: Bungus/Satanic Blood Ritual, Split tape SOLD OUT
ST12: Boneache, Floppy disk SOLD OUT
ST11: Exhumation, Hymn To Your God tape SOLD OUT
ST10: Fatal Position/Shitnoise Bastards, Split floppy disk SOLD OUT
ST09: Disleksick, No Direction tape SOLD OUT
ST08: Scumdogs, Demo tape SOLD OUT
ST07: Corrupt Humanity/Unholy Grave, Split 7" SOLD OUT
ST06: Pig Control Demo Tape, UK Version SOLD OUT
ST05: Sordo/Corrupt Humanity, Split tape SOLD OUT
ST04: Absolutist, Blasphemy tape SOLD OUT
ST03: Mystiabllus/Corrupt Humanity, Split tape SOLD OUT
ST02: Crypt Of The Zombilord, Demo tape SOLD OUT
ST01: Malpractice Insurance/Diseksa, Split tape SOLD OUT